Dolores’ Story


I am writing to thank you for being a wonderful supporter of hospice care and to share my hospice story.

On my mother’s final day at Stoneleigh Residence, two brilliant red cardinals spent hours flying in and out of the tree by her window; a perfect setting for an unassuming, family-oriented woman…so quiet and peaceful.

My mother, Dolores Putnam, was a very strong, hardworking, practical person. As the mother of 7 kids – she had to be!

Mom loved to cook and bake, making the best homemade doughnuts and pies. She had a mischievous spirit and dreamed up elaborate pranks that made us laugh so hard our bellies hurt. She was a sharp card player and loved bowling and bingo and going to the cottage. After the youngest was in middle school, she took a job as a receptionist in the local doctor’s office.
Even after my dad passed away, mom chose to live her life to the fullest. She filled her life with traveling, going to her grandchildren’s sporting events and watching MSU & the Detroit Tigers.

My mom made it look effortless to care for her family, friends and her community.

But when it was our turn to care for her, it turned out to be more difficult than we ever imagined.

It was a slow progression from her diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease until we understood the true impact it would have on her and our family. Mom had a couple of bad falls. She became confused easily and after a frightening episode of wandering off we realized her care needed to be taken to a higher level. Her safety was our main goal.

It was a choice no family wants to make but we found a senior community and placed mom in 24-hour care.

We second guessed ourselves a thousand times. Was this truly the best solution for her?

To our relief, mom made new friends at the senior community. She joined in their activities and this community became part of her new family; allowing for a better quality of life.

The doctor at the facility was the first to speak to us about hospice. He told me that mom would get extra visits from a nurse, different therapies and help with her showers; it was time for mom to extend her care family.

Which is why we choose hospice care.

Whatever her needs, hospice had a loving and supportive answer.
On my mothers’ last day, my sister was reading aloud the 23rd Psalm, “The Lord is my Shepherd” and on the last word, mom’s breathing stopped. It was a truly a beautiful moment.

Thanks to your faithful support of Hospice of Lansing we had the most loving and amazing care available.

Now that I understand how valuable hospice care is, I ask you to please join me in making a gift today. I strongly believe we must do everything we can to keep this incredible group of caring people doing what they do best at Stoneleigh Residence and in our community.

Karen Putnam & Family