The Lotus Society

The Lotus Society

Out of the dirt and darkness and depths of a pond, the lotus emerges, untouched and unstained. Representing the purity of the mind and soul, the lotus flower is a powerful symbol of peace, hope, transcendence, and rebirth.  The lotus reminds us to strive through difficulties and that beauty and light can rise from the murky darkness.

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Our never-changing mission to keep our patients comfortable & pain-free, our families informed of what to expect, and provide everyone with continued support is at the core of all we do. Changes in healthcare and the current medical economic climate create its own depth and shadows. But just like the lotus flower, we rise above our financial challenges and remain a true non-profit.

Donors who make a $5,000 or more pledge over a 5-year time frame to Hospice of Lansing & Stoneleigh Residence are recognized as Lotus Society level donors. These leadership gifts of generosity and courage are from friends and families, enabling us to fulfill our mission of serving all by bringing kindness, respect, and quality to the end-of-life.

Lotus Society Donors Receive

  • Special invitations to all events and gatherings
  • Name recognition in our Honor Roll of Donors Annual Report, unless requested otherwise
  • A mailed copy of our Grief Matters newsletters
  • Public recognition at events, where appropriate
  • Attend our annual Lotus Society Fundraising Breakfast
  • And the satisfaction of knowing your gifts are helping establish long-term sustainability while providing support to the surrounding community