Join the 1979 Legacy Society

The 1979 Legacy Society is a group of loyal supporters who have made a commitment to the mission and work of Hospice of Lansing & Stoneleigh Residence by including a charitable bequest to Hospice of Lansing in their will. At the heart of the hospice philosophy is the belief that we never give up or abandon those we love. While some doctors may say there is nothing left to do, hospice care is based on the belief that there is always something that can be done to comfort those at the end of life.

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Charitable Requests

A charitable bequest is easy to add to your will. If you have an attorney or financial advisor, all it takes is a quick phone call or meeting to add the necessary language. You decide if your gift is a specific amount, a percentage of your estate or the residue after you provide for your loved ones.

Basic Language for Charitable Bequests

I give to Hospice of Lansing, an independent, non-profit hospice located at 3186 Pine Tree Road, Lansing, Michigan 48911, whose taxpayer identification number is 38-2306757

  • The sum of XX dollars ($XX) OR
  • XX% or all of the residue and remainder of my estate OR
  • All of my interests in the following described property:
    XX for its general charitable purposes.