Your Hospice Team

Hospice can begin when you need us. We can respond to visit you and your loved one most often within 24 hours, but sooner if needed. We will answer all your questions, explain hospice and talk to you about what to expect. No one has to be alone or in pain on this journey.

For many of our staff, working with hospice patients is more than just a job – it is a calling.

Your Hospice Team 1


As we discuss our team, we would like to take a moment to honor our long time Board of Directors member, John Morris. John was always a bright light and embodied our mission through his work and volunteerism. We want to send our condolences to his family, his Dart Bank family, and all of the community members he touched. He was an inspiration to us all and will be deeply missed. We will do our very best to carry on John’s enthusiasm for life. Thank you for being a part of ours.

Your Hospice Team 2

Team Roles

Medical Director & Nurse Practitioner

Our Medical Director and Nurse Practitioner oversee the care, and reviews the ordering of medications and equipment for your patient’s comfort. A patient’s personal physician can choose to manage hospice care or even co-manage with our Medical Director and Nurse Practitioner for physician needs. Or, if their physician prefers, our Medical Director and Nurse Practitioner can handle all physician needs.


Our nurses are specially-trained for end-of-life care and are hospice certified. Each patient has a primary nurse overseeing their care and making visits to ensure their emotional, medical and personal needs are met at a level that provides the highest quality of life for them and their families.

Hospice Aides

Our aides are available to assist with personal care needs including bathing, dressing, grooming, meals and much more. They are trained to work with your patient and their family wherever they call “home” – their personal home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home.


Our chaplain is available for your patient and their family for any questions, concerns or spiritual needs. Our bereavement program can include phone calls, visits, grief support meetings, Grief Matters newsletter, invitations to memorials and community outreach.

Social Workers

Our social workers are the main resource in a variety of situations like insurance questions, veteran’s benefits, advanced directives, etc. Social workers also help families process the experience and can lend support so the quality of life for the patient is on the forefront.


All of our volunteers have special end-of-life training. We also coordinate the volunteers to a patient based on their unique talents to ensure enjoyable visits.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy has several benefits and is customized to the individual. It helps a person manage pain and symptoms, promotes relaxation, supports spirituality, stimulates long-term memories, assists in communicating when words are difficult and helps orient when confused. Our music therapist works with patients and families to tailor each session to meet their unique needs.


Massage Therapy is a unique service offered that can provide comfort, relaxation and pain control. Massage in hospice is centered around the individual and great care is given to the understanding of both their social and physical needs. Touch is an important aspect of our human experience. Our therapist is trained to work with hospice patients and their individual needs.

Our Team



Heather Vida, CFRE

Executive Director


Kellie Kent, RN

Director of Clinical Operations

Jodi Poyer, RN

Jodi Poyer, RN

Clinical Supervisor

Dr. James LaBerge

James LaBerge, D.O.

Medical Director

Dr. Sheila Gendich

Sheila Gendich, M.D.

Associate Medical Director

Kenneth Morrison M.D.

Kenneth Morrison, M.D.

Associate Medical Director

LTC. Julie Coenen

Julie Coenen LTC (retired), MSN, APRN, FNP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Maggie McAllister, ANP-C, Nurse Practitioner

Maggie McAllister, ANP-C

Nurse Practitioner

Susan, RN

Susan Noethen

RN, Clinical Supervisor – Stoneleigh 


Kelly Perry

LLMSW, Social Services Coordinator


Kathy Mrozinski

Director of Marketing & Development

All Staff


Sue, RN

Stoneleigh Residence


Verna, RN

Hospice Nurse


Deb, RN

RN Hospice Nurse



Music Therapist



Hospice Aide


Cindy, BSN

Hospice Nurse


Cindy, RN

RN Hospice Nurse



Fund Development Coordinator






Facilities, Human Resources & Payroll


Heather, RN

RN Intake and Admission Nurse



Massage Therapist

Ruby Graham, RN

Ruby, RN

Hospice Nurse

Linda Rhein, RN

Linda, RN

Hospice Nurse

Kristen LaFave, Hospice Aide


Hospice Aide

Kim Ashcraft, Hospice Aide


Hospice Aide

Billy Palmer, BSN,RN

Billy, BSN,RN

On-Call Nurse

Ashley Holman, RN

Ashley, RN

Hospice Nurse

Casey, Volunteer Coordinator


Volunteer Coordinator

Jenny, RN

Jenny, RN

Hospice Nurse

Kimberly, RN On-Call Nurse

Kimberly, RN

On-Call Nurse

Pat, Clinical Support Coordinator


Clinical Support Coordinator

Shawna, Hospice Aide


Hospice Aide

Margie Garrison-Sanford, RN Director of Clinical Services

Margie, RN

Hospice Nurse