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November is National Hospice Month

We are not just hospice – we are Hospice of Lansing & Stoneleigh Residence, an independent,
local, nonprofit hospice providing the utmost in compassionate, meaningful end of life care.

Since 1979, Hospice of Lansing has provided care, comfort, and support to our patients and their families.
We are dedicated to serving all by bringing kindness, respect, and quality to the end of life.
We strive to keep each person free of pain and as independent as possible so they can create lasting memories with family and friends. We believe that every end-of-life experience should be one of
comfort, dignity, and peace.

Hospice of Lansing is a founding member of the Michigan Hospice and Palliative Care Association.
We are licensed with the State of Michigan and Medicare certified.

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Anyone can make a referral to Hospice of Lansing by calling (517) 882-4500.
Call to learn more about our services or schedule a private consultation.

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2018 Theatre Night Out

“It’s all part of the building the community and working together.”  

Dale Kohlsmith, MABA Philanthropy Committee

We'd like to thank Meridian Area Business Association for your support in 2017.