MYTH: Hospice means I’m giving up.

FACT: Hospice is not giving up; it simply means you are choosing to focus on your quality of life during this part of your journey. Hospice care fosters emotional well being, enhances spiritual peace as well as reduces any pain you are experiencing. Hospice is here to help.

MYTH: Hospice is only for the last few days of life.

FACT: Hospice is available when a physician certifies that a person has a life-limiting illness. If you choose to stop curative treatment, you are able to begin hospice at that time. There are studies that show people live an average of 29 days longer with hospice care in place versus alternative forms of end-of-life care. Furthermore, they live with more comfort, dignity and peace of mind.

MYTH: It’s difficult to know who will pay for my hospice care.

FACT: There are typically no costs for hospice care as it is usually covered by Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurance plans. For items unrelated to the hospice diagnosis, there can be some cost involved. Our staff is available and knowledgeable in the questions that arise regarding your hospice care.

MYTH: There isn’t a choice when it comes to hospice organizations—they are all the same.

FACT: You do have a choice for hospice care. There are several hospice organization in the area. Hospice of Lansing is your community hospice and we are non-profit. As the oldest hospice in the area we’ve seen many changes. While our technology and training has changed to match the times, our philosophy remains the same—to provide the best care possible for those in our community. Our nurses, social workers, volunteers and staff are your friends, neighbors and co-workers.

MYTH: Hospice means strangers care for you.

FACT: Hospice of Lansing provides a dedicated team of specialists to suit the needs of each patient. We strive to educate family members to serve as the primary caregivers for their loved one. Nurses, physicians, social workers, music therapists, massage therapists, pet therapists, our Chaplain, hospice aides and volunteers are available for your loved one and their family— we help you each step of the way with their care.

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